Morning Desert Workout

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Join me for several gentle morning desert workouts including a low impact workout, osteoporosis workout, and arthritis workout. 

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Beginner Strength Training

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Note: This course is for inactive seniors or seniors that have never exercised, are overweight, have arthritis, or would otherwise like a mostly seated workout. 

This course contains 5 video lessons. 

  1. Seated Warm up
  2. Seated Cool Down
  3. 10 minute Upper Body Strengthening Workout
  4. 10 minute Lower Body Strengthening Workout
  5. 10 minute Back and Trunk Strengthening Workout

Equipment: You will need an armless chair and some light weights or small dumbbells.

Build general and upper body strength with these arm, leg, shoulder , and back workouts.

Make sure to do the warm up before the workout and cool down after the workout.

5 Lessons



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